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February 28th 2016
09:00am – 12:30pm


50 NIS per person
(includes lunch)


Hub Etzion
Nachal HaNe’emanim 7, Gush Etzion
In WAZE, Hub Etzion


What Should We Expect from BlueCon?

At #BlueCon2016, join the conversation with some of Israel’s leading brands (according to Forbes) about the art of engagement.  Understand why having a strong and invested community is imperative for your brand’s growth.  Whether you run a business, work in marketing or are responsible for your company’s marketing efforts, join us for engaging presentations, discussions and practical takeaways about increasing your brand’s affinity, growth and value through community.  Hub Etzion offers an intimate setting with real opportunities to discuss the field with our speakers in a meaningful way.  Hosted by Blue Thread Marketing.



VP Marketing

Aaron leads all offline marketing activities at MyHeritage.  He manages all global outreach programs, publicity-generation and major industry events. His innate understanding of best practices for online brands has positioned MyHeritage as a world-leading consumer web company.


Director of Marketing & Investor Community

Liz runs the marketing and community efforts at OurCrowd, a global startup investing platform based in Jerusalem. With a community of 11,000 members and a portfolio of over 90 companies, there is much juggling and matchmaking between resources, time and attention and various types of marketing efforts.


Head of Marketing

Eytan is the head of marketing at Freightos, a venture-backed Israeli startup creating the Expedia of international freight shipping. His choice marketing cocktail? A splash of content marketing, a garnish of digital PR and some old-fashioned data-driven marketing automation.

Zammo Digital Marketing


Aaron is the CEO of Zammo Digital Marketing where he helps leading startups accelerate user acquisition and achieve scale through Facebook Ads. Aaron has managed over $1 million in Facebook ads generating over 250,000 leads and signups for clients such as eBay, InVision, Cuisinart, Webydo, Treehouse and many more.


AM 09:00 ~ AM 9:30Welcome
AM 09:30 ~ AM 9:55 Bringing a Knife to a Gunfight: Matching Audiences and Outreach
Presented by: Eytan Buchman, Freightos
AM 10:00 ~ AM 10:25 Facebook Ads Strategies Your Startup Needs to Implement
Presented by: Aaron Zakowski, Zammo Digital Marketing
AM 10:30 ~ PM 11:00 The "Reveal" Marketing Challenge - Interactive Case Study
Presented by: Miriam Lottner
AM 11:00 ~ AM 11:25 Be Loud, Be Proud, But Know Your Crowd; Why It's Not Enough to Shout From Mountaintops
Presented by: Liz Cohen, OurCrowd
AM 11:30 ~ PM 11:55Listen to Learn; Learn to Leverage
Presented by: Aaron Godfrey, MyHeritage

PM 12:00 - PM 12:30Lunch
The "Reveal" Marketing Challenge (Part 2) workshop