LinkedIn overhauled its Campaign Manager

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August 8, 2018
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August 13, 2018
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LinkedIn overhauled its Campaign Manager

This is great news for marketers who manage high-volume accounts.


LinkedIn has overhauled its Campaign Manager, giving it a redesigned interface and building out its back end to load data faster. The refreshed tool is designed to offer a more intuitive experience for marketers running multiple campaigns on the platform, with one-click breakdowns of campaign data and personalization options around what reports they see.

High-level changes include a new navigation structure that allows users to switch between accounts and campaigns and drill down into ads with two clicks, and the search feature has also been updated so that ad managers running multiple campaigns can quickly locate data for a specific campaign by querying the campaign name, campaign ID or ad format.

Get the full breakdown of Linkedin’s refreshed campaign manager here, via Marketing Land.

Ahron Glazer
Ahron Glazer
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