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July 4, 2018
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July 8, 2018
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Twitter for Startups

If you’re involved with a startup — you know marketing is everything. In a recent article on Post Planner by Twitter expert, influencer – and Chief Digital Strategist of Blue Thread Marketing, Mordecai Holtz outlined 6 Reasons to Use Twitter for your Startup. In that article, he explains why even if you have a great product, if your marketing is a fail, you could be in for a long uphill battle.

Now, check out this short interview with #SocialROI “After” Chat with host Madalyn Sklar and Mordecai Holtz about how startups should be utilizing Twitter for their growth and development. The hour was late, but the content was great!

Twitter for Startups Explained


#SocialROI "After" Chat with host Madalyn Sklar and guest Mordecai Holtz from Blue Thread Marketing talking about Twitter for Startups.

Posted by ManageFlitter on Tuesday, July 3, 2018


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