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SMX Israel 2015 was outstanding. One day, three simultaneous tracks of six sessions each. A search marketer’s dream. Top that with a Q&A session and a keynote by two top Googlers, Juan Felipe Rincon and Gary Illyes, SMX Israel 2015 certainly offered a tremendous amount of valuable content and concrete takeaways.

The challenge with such a rich schedule is that participants are assured to have a serious case of FOMO.

Curious what was said at the other sessions? We challenged each of the presenters to summarize their speech into one key takeaway.

Here’s what they said (in alphabetical order):

Aaron Zakowski (Zammo)

Don’t sell to cold leads with Facebook Ads. Warm your audience up with content promotion first and then sell with retargeting ads.

Ari Roth (DriveHill Media)

Mobile-friendly websites are hugely important, but you must carefully consider your business objectives before deciding on one of the Google-approved implementation options.

Barry Schwartz (RustyBrick)

I think Google’s Michael Fink showed us Google’s devotion to ever expanding and supporting the webmaster community through the Google Search Console product pipeline.

Bob Rosenschein (Curiyo)

It’s not about #Siri, etc. UI is nice, but brains are in the #AI answers. #MachineIntelligence will skyrocket in the next 10 years.

Eitan Helman (Wix)

All the challenges you deal with when doing in-house seo for a large enterprise is easier if you have a professional team that understand all aspects of SEO and you manage to explain to your organization the importance of SEO and have them working with you.

Eli Feldblum (RankAbove)

Ultimate Audit Tips: eCommerce sites, watch your filtering and sorting; content sites, watch your internal competition.

Gadi Mikles (eBay)

Leverage technology and deliver engaging, exciting and innovative user experiences so users would WANT to visit on your site, return to your pages and share it with their friends. THIS will drive your SEO up!

Gil Reich (Managing Greatness)

Get your hands on an access log file. You don’t need to be an expert at regular expressions, it will take you 2 minutes to learn to manipulate the file in Notepad++. Look at what pages Googlebot is crawling. You may be surprised about what problems you can fix.

Gil Slovik (The Grinder Ltd.)

Great content doesn’t begin with a list of keywords. It emerges from the unique narrative of your company and the efforts you make in order to give the users the kind of content they really want to consume, even before they searched for them in Google.

Gilad Sasson (nekuda web solutions)

Hebrew SEO low quality and low relevancy still work as the English spam bar is higher as in other 2nd and 3rd tier languages.

Igal Stolpner (

Deep linking could bring some of your lost users back, and then form the basis for App Indexing–which is exactly what you want for your app these days in order to stand out in search results.

Joel Janovsky (RankRanger)

Google Analytics Reports For SEMs – Your SEM reports should be customized to increase value to your business. The session looks at the reports most useful to search marketers and how they can be tuned to reveal the most useful information to help improve the ROI of your campaigns.

Kalman Labovitz (RankAbove)

You control your website make sure you’re not your biggest competitor!! True for content and links (consider an internal link as a backlink.

Kelli Brown (Pixel/Point Press)

Social network follower numbers do not impact content rankings within the search engines.

Lior Krolewicz (Yael Consulting)

Being a PPC Superhero requires more than just competence, it requires hard work and caring about the account’s performance – it’s a mindset.

Mark Ginsberg (DriveHill Media)

Analyze google shopping campaigns based on match search queries at the product level using Google Analytics to optimize campaign targeting and negative keyword selection.

Mark Meyerson (AmpliFind Marketing)

AdWords remarketing is already a very powerful advertising tool, but customer match is going to be a game changer when it comes to improving the way we personalize our targeting.

Mayer Reich (RankAbove)

Contrary to common belief CTR isn’t a ranking factor and will not penalize you (as confirmed by Google).

Miriam Schwab (illuminea)

Everything is happening on Facebook. And there are a lot of opportunities there, both in terms of increasing organic reach and engagement, and generating business opportunities and conversions on your site. If you have time to invest: FB is only ROI.

Nathan Safran (Blue Nile Research)

Marketers should turn around their thinking when it comes to Google Answers. Many marketers believe that Google Answers in the search result hijacks traffic because the answer is contained in the search results.  In reality, done right, it can actually increase traffic.

Ophir Cohen (Universal Mccann Digital)

When you do remarketing, make sure to tag the converting users and remove them from your lists.

Pratik Dholakiya (E2M Solutions)

If you’ve been hit by both manual penalty and algorithmic demotion, then focus on recovering from manual penalty first.

Robin Schwartz (TUNE)

Deep-linking works well for the paid side and is slowly catching on in organic. The market is ripe; apps are starting to use deep-linking and app indexing but there is still lots of room for growth.

Roy Hinkis (SimilarWeb)

Focus on targeting relevant terms.

Roy Povarchik (

If you want to get traffic from social media, stop thinking only about optimizing your posts, and start thinking about leveraging relationships.

Sam Michelson (FiveBlocks)

In online marketing, make sure you are using SEO tactics that make the most sense. In terms of strategy – you should make sure you are building a brand.

Shlomo Wiesen (Kahena Digital Marketing)

Secure your links before you publish content, by involving bloggers in the creative process from the outset.

Tristan Pirouz (DeepCrawl)

Over-Indexing and Under-indexing. By identifying and understanding the reasons websites fall into these categories, it is possible to achieve ‘smart indexing’.

Tzvika Avnery (WiseStamp)

Use Google suggest to find your target audience. Use an audience revealing query and then use tools like ubersuggest.

Yehoshua Coren (Analytics Ninja LLC )

Dive deeply into user-based segments, multi-channel analysis, and attribution modelling to find your paid search optimization opportunities.

In case you still want to see the full presentations, here is a link to download them, as sent by Barry Schwartz.

Note: Do you know someone who spoke at SMX Israel 2015 who doesn’t appear? Send us their contact info or send us their key takeaway and we’ll add it.

Looking forward to next year’s SMX Israel.

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