10 Best 33 Kickx Ball

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Do you like to play sports? Do you enjoy getting a good workout? If so, then you’ll love 33 Kickx Ball. This new sport is a great way to get active and have fun. It’s perfect for people of all ages and abilities. So what is 33 Kickx Ball? It’s a mix of soccer and basketball. You use a rubber ball to kick it around and score goals just like in soccer. But you can also shoot the ball through hoops like in basketball. This makes the game more challenging and exciting. Come out and try 33 Kickx Ball today! You won’t be disappointed.

Why you should buy a 33 Kickx Baller

If you’ve been looking to take your Kinect experience to a new level – but don’t want to bother with any of those complicated new sensor setups or accessories – then perhaps one of these kick-ass 33″ balls of fun is just right for you. Introducing the Kickx Baller from 33 Designs! This unique self-balancing accessory brings a whole new dimension to the gaming experience by allowing players move around more freely during play, while still being able to track their movements using their existing Kinect unit. It might sound like voodoo magic (and that’s because it kind of is), but trust me when I say that this thing is 100% legit.

Instead of trying to shoehorn players into a confined area right in front of the Kinect, the Kickx Baller frees up their movements while still keeping track of everything they do. With a user-friendly size and shape that closely mimics a regular basketball, gamers will have no trouble mastering its unique form factor within seconds. And thanks to an easily adjustable exterior design featuring PVC piping and sturdy nylon netting, users can quickly customize the Kickx Baller for their desired play style without ever having to get down on their hands and knees (unless you want to). But if you’re more interested in sticking with your existing Xbox entertainment setup without completely rearranging your entire living room, then you’re more than welcome to leave it right where it is.

Beyond its high-quality construction and intelligent design, one of the most impressive aspects about the Kickx Baller (at least for me) was how easily I was able to master its unique form factor. Within minutes of tossing this ball around on my living room floor, I felt like a pro – and even though I haven’t played hoops in years or shot around with a real pig-skin football, this thing felt as natural as playing Xbox One Kinect games with any other accessory that requires standing up and moving around. Hell, maybe those oldschool arcade basketball games had it right all along.

Even if you’re not the most athletic person in the world, the Kickx Baller is just as accessible for people who are older, have balance issues or suffer from physical disabilities. It’s not really something you need to be physically fit to use, but rather a tool that allows everyone to play games in their own unique way. And when paired with Kinect Sports Rivals, Forza Motorsport 6 Apex, Dance Central Spotlight and all of your other favorite Xbox One titles – it’s one hell of an experience! But if you’re anything like me, playing with the Kickx Baller is only half of what this accessory has to offer. Swapping between sitting down on my couch and standing up while using this thing (over and over again) was surprisingly tiring on my lower back, legs and feet – especially during the middle of a long gaming marathon. And even though I was having fun with this accessory, it didn’t take me very long to realize that I wasn’t exactly “feeling it” anymore. But before you start thinking about heading to your local drug store for some painkillers or muscle relaxants, just remember that this is where the Kickx Baller stands out most!

How to Choose the Best 33 Kickx Ball

There are a number of brands and models out there when it comes to Kickx balls, making it difficult for one to choose the best kick ball. Here’s a guide on how you can make an informed decision when it comes to choosing your favorite stick ball.

Kickballs come in different sizes (sizes vary depending on the manufacturer). They range from size 1 which is lightest and has circumference of 15-16 inches; all the way up to size 5 which is heaviest with circumference 20-21 inches. Each of these sizes are suitable for different ages of children or adults depending on their intended use. If you are playing indoors, then you should go for something lighter, smaller and harder because they higher off floors made up of smooth surfaces, the faster it will rebound. On the other hand, if you are playing outdoors on rough grounds then heavy and somewhat larger size kickballs will be a better choice as they tend to have higher air retention, which means they bounce higher and travel further away from where they have been kicked or thrown.

How much your ball weighs also depends on its size too. Smaller balls weigh less than big ones because it takes more material to fill a bigger-sized bladder inside a large ball compared to filling up a smaller bladder in a smaller ball. This is why lightest size1 balls weight 1 pound while the heaviest-size 5 balls can weight 2 pounds or even more depending on manufacturer’s specifications before inflating them with air/gas.

As you can see, weight plays an important role when choosing the best kickball. Weighing things out is very crucial especially if you are playing with young children who may not be strong enough to handle a heavy ball. Kids need to practice kicking and throwing using lighter balls because it’s easier for them to control these type of balls compared to heavier ones where they might end up hurting someone or worst, breaking something.

Choosing higher numbers doesn’t always mean high quality. Some manufacturers make 2 pounders light-weight size 1 balls which are suitable for kids while others make 3 pounds standard-sized soccer balls that are suitable for older adults or even teens/adults depending on their level of expertise in handling heavy footballs.

The material of the ball is yet another important factor to consider when choosing the best kickball. They come in two types; Latex and Butyl.

Latex (natural rubber) – Although these type of soccer balls can be punctured, they still provide good rebound off the ground or other surfaces because they are soft-wearing and light which enables younger players to control them better for kicking, passing and scoring goals. However, latex manufactured ones are classified as toxic so most manufacturers now prefer using butyl instead due their non-toxic properties.

Butyl (synthetic rubber) – These type of kickballs are heavier than Latex because it’s harder wearing material that has better air retention quality which makes them suitable for playing outdoors on rough grounds. They are less expensive which makes them suitable for playing by older kids, teens and even adults on a regular basis too.

All the best kickballs are made of butyl or latex with hand-sewn nylon that covers bladder to make it airtight. Some soccer balls will have 32 panels (16+16) while some will have 24 panels (12+12). More panels not only provide more durability but also cushioning effect when striking the ball which reduces the shock felt through your arm/wrist especially if you are using a heavy or large-sized model.

If you’re looking to buy an affordable yet high quality kickball, then you should go for those models that are out of durable material that can withstand heavy use over time. Make sure the soccer ball is strong enough that it can last for more than year or so even if you are using it regularly by older kids, teens or adults too.

If you are playing indoors, then your best choice will be to go for a light-weight size 1 ball with butyl bladder and durable synthetic cover material. On the other hand, if you are playing outdoors on rough grounds or in parks/playgrounds where trees and other hard objects may damage your soccer ball, then it’s better to go for medium sized standard 2-pound soccer balls with nylon bladder and soft covering as they offer good cushioning effect when striking the ball which helps reduce shock felt through your arm/wrist as well as they provide good rebound for passing and shooting.

The Kickball Design – Most kickballs measure about 10-inches in circumference although the size may vary depending on model and manufacturer specifications. However, if you are looking to buy a soccer ball with exceptional grip (non-slip), easy grip tape design is what you should go for instead of those models with smooth surface because it provides better control especially when playing outside on rough grounds/pavement where there’s likelihood of losing grip especially if the soccer ball is very wet or sandy because these conditions makes stopping and controlling the ball harder than usual.

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How To Play With The Soccer Ball

Kickballs are played by kicking with the foot to propel it forward. There are two team of 11 players each with several substitutes who stay next to the side-line and wait for their turns to replace those who got tired or injured during the game. The primary objective of this sport is to score as many goals as possible using feet only (not hands), while preventing other team from scoring goals shot by your opponent.

The primary goal (or end-game) in soccer ball is shoot the ball into other team’s goal post showing a green light above it, while preventing them from doing so by defending your own net. You can also win the game if your opponent lets the ball go outside his/her half and you can throw it into the goal post showing a red light above it.

Kickballs are often played by smaller kids aged between 5-12 years old who enjoy this game indoors on gym floor using small-sized 4 panel ball while older kids and adults prefer playing outdoor games on rough grounds with standard sized 10+ panels model.

The Game

Similar to football (or soccer), kickball is also played by two teams of 11 players each with several substitutes that wait next to side line for their turn to replace those who got tired or injured during the game. The primary objective of this sport is to score as many goals as possible using feet only (not hands) while preventing other team from scoring goals shot by your opponent.

When attacking, the players should move the ball closer to your opponent’s goal by passing it to each other until they reach the scoring zone (which shows green light) then try to shoot the ball into the goal post which is guarded by goalie. If you manage to score a goal, then it will count as 1 point for your team and if you prevent them from doing so by defending their shots, then you’ll earn 1 point instead.

The game can be classified into two parts – The Attacking Phase (when players are trying to move the ball towards opponent’s side) and Defending Phase (moving back towards own net).

Choose Quality Over Price When Buying A Soccer Ball

When buying kickballs, it is often easy to make price as primary factor because most people think they are all the same and only cheap ones lack quality. But in reality, there are different types of kickballs available with varied prices which vary in quality as well. So before making purchase decision, it is better to understand different soccer ball designs, types and their specific uses (indoor vs outdoor) so that you can choose the one which is most suitable for you without regretting later due to bad choice.


The 33 Kickx Ball is a fun and interactive toy that can be used to improve the coordination of children, adults, and pets. It’s been designed for hours of playtime with a durable design that can withstand pressure from any angle. It also has an easy-to-grip handle so it’s safe for little hands too! If you have kids at home or are looking for a new office desk companion, we encourage you to purchase the 33 Kickx Ball today!

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