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Ekol Joca is an e-commerce website that specializes in selling eco-friendly and sustainable products. Ekol Joca was founded with the belief that it is important to protect our environment, and that by doing so we can also improve our quality of life. All of the products sold on Ekol Joca are sourced from trusted suppliers who share our commitment to sustainability. Whether you’re looking for a new eco-friendly dishwasher, or you just want to green your home decor, Ekol Joca has something for you. Shop today and start making a difference!

Why you should buy a Ekol Joca:

This is why:

1) Because the Joca bass strings will fit to almost any regular bass guitar.

2) The sounds you can get from it, because of its unique design and small size.

3) Because everyone should own a Joca!

4) Great price for an instrument that will last for years and because

5) You want to help out a poor guy making this out of his garage.

Thats me! I’m trying my hardest here with simple tools to build something thats affordable enough for someone who couldn’t normally play the ukulele or bought one of those cheap jin bangers around. As far as I know are no plans on selling these basses or at least I havn’t seen any, and if there were they would probably cost a small fortune due to the fact that this is a handmade instrument and I make all the parts myself and only use the best materials (mostly). It’s not very often you can buy something like this for such a low price. And I think it will be even more rare as time goes by because demand continues to rise as people hear about what kind of potential there is in the Joca bass. So as always, if you already own one then please support me as much as possible so I don’t stop making these!

Joca number two with skin head.

Another image showing how versatile this instrument can sound depending on your playing style.

Please also check out my youtube channel where I have posted several videos of me playing this instrument with different kinds of caps. YouTube Ekol Joca

And here’s a link to the first review ever made of one of my Jocas, by Jonathan Harnum from the Ukulele Underground who also plays regularly on UU Live! (Check out his great artists name: “Pete S Bush” haha) The ukulele underground reviews the Ekol joca bass…

Thanks to everyone for your support and please let all your friends know about these instruments. Please keep in mind that this is still a work in progress and I’m constantly trying new things and making improvements and stuff like better tuners, ect ect. More soon!

How to Choose the Best Ekol Joca/Ecoa Detergents

The new ecological products keep coming onto the market. Here are some of their peculiarities. You should know how to choose them. For example, never select detergents under pressure or with an open flame . First check their toxicity level by looking at the label. If it says “Danger”, you can be sure its toxicity is high and it is not recommended for home use. On the other hand, if it displays “Warning”, then take precautions when using it because its toxicity profile is low enough that no special care is necessary.

This classification is based on the toxicity of the product itself; obviously, if you mix it with water or soap, this toxicity will be diluted. The toxicity level can also vary depending on how long its vapors are breathed in (inhalation) or if it is swallowed (ingestion). If you drink any of this detergent or use too much of it on your skin, then consult a physician immediately. Do not wait for more serious symptoms to appear first because by that time irreversible damage might have been done.

Regarding their microbiological activity, they are sometimes classified according to their bactericidal potential and others according to their fungicidal one. In general terms, all detergents are designed to clean floors, dishes, and clothes. The difference lies in the product’s cleaning power (high or low) and how it is used (for example: powder, liquid soap, hard soap bars).

The following information will help you choose the best of our ecological non-phosphate detergents:

1) Stop buying products with a high toxicity level (Danger), such as concentrated chlorine bleach and sulphuric acid. Look for products that display a warning label instead. It is better to use less detergent when using these types of substances because they are very strong. Do not mix them with other chemicals because this could produce toxic gases . 2) Liquid soaps are much more expensive than powdered ones but they are easier to handle when you have to wash. On the other hand, powdered soaps are much cheaper and they “go a long way”.

3) If you know how to use them properly, products with a high percentage of enzymes will clean clothes better than those without it. Excessive enzyme levels can damage some fabrics (e.g.: elastic knits). Also, do not mix chlorine bleach and enzymes because this can give off poisonous gases .

4) If an ecological detergent does not work well as a soap, then for washing dishes use one that says “soap” on its label; never use hard bars of soap because these contain sodium sulphate which damages aluminum and stainless steel surfaces.

5) The best undiluted non-phosphate detergent is a soap-based product in tablet form (sold as “detergent in one”) which you add to the water and let dissolve. It requires no mixing and it does not produce any foam. At this moment there is only one such product available: JOCA ECOLABEL SOAP TABLETS

6) If you use eco-detergents for washing dishes, then, when it comes time to rinse them, leave out the salt because salt damages aluminum pots and pans . 7) Do not buy products that contain chemical additives or solvents if these are unnecessary; do not mix different brands because their residues could be reactivated. 8) When buying ecological detergents never forget to read carefully all the labels. If it says “Warning” that means they are toxic, even if the label also states that this toxicity is not high enough for us to have to take precautions when using them.


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