10 Best Green Banana Hammock

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Banana hammocks are all the rage this summer! With their comfortable and cooling fabric, they are perfect for hot summer days. But did you know that there is a green banana hammock option available? Made of bamboo fiber and organic cotton, this eco-friendly hammock is both sustainable and comfortable. So why not ditch the synthetic materials and go green? Check out today’s blog post to find out more about the benefits of green banana hammocks!

Why you should buy a Green Banana Hammock

It’s sexy. You’ll look fantastic in it!

The Green Banana Hammock is a wonderful hammock for both inside and outside use. The smooth material prevents the spread of any irritable skin conditions, while the incredible strength will hold up to 400lbs (180kg). With proper care, this hammock should last you many years to come.

How do I take care of my Green Banana Hammock?

Taking good care of your new banana hammock couldn’t be easier:

• Wash with cold water on a gentle cycle or by hand• Hang dry only • Do not iron • Lay flat to store after washing• Use no bleach• Avoid harsh detergents and rough surfacesPlease note that keeping your hammock in direct sunlight for extended periods will cause fading. If you plan on parking your banana hammock outside, we recommend setting it up in a covered area to prevent sun damage.

Please note that keeping your hammock in direct sunlight for extended periods will cause fading. If you plan on parking your banana hammock outside, we recommend setting it up in a covered area to prevent sun damage.

The Green Banana Hammock is the perfect gift!

Did Grandma finally admit she has male genitalia? Did little Timmy fall into the koi pond again? What better way to cheer them up with one of our wonderful green bananas! They’re great for both inside and outside use, ensuring hours of fun (and consternation). Don’t be caught without one of these!

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How to Choose the Best Green Banana Hammock

As you may already know, there are two types of backpackers out there: old school and new school. The old school hiker is more or less what I will refer to as your “thru-hiker.” They go with the least amount of gear possible. Basically they try to rid themselves of everything they possibly can, including pack weight. Then there are your new school campers who are nothing more than weekend warriors trying desperately to one up each other on all things backpacking related, including pack weight. I’ll admit that I once fell under the latter category but now have come full circle thanks to my time spent in the Appalachian mountains during my last thru-hike on the AT.

I’ve seen these guys…

I was guilty of hauling around more gear than I needed thanks to all the blogging and backpacking related social networks. Well, after finding myself huffing & puffing up mountains with a 60lb pack I decided that enough was enough. On my next AT hike, which ended up being an 8 month section hike, I started carrying only the bare necessities and now find myself enjoying this new found freedom from weight without having to sacrifice comfort or sanity.

With that said, there is one item (and only one) that served as a constant reminder of how far I’ve come as an ultra-lightweight backpacker: My green banana hammock . It’s not much but sometimes it’s all weneed to be happy!

I think it’s perfect for the beginner lightweight backpacker who is looking to drop some weight in their pack.

The whole idea behind this little item is comfort at night while you sleep. It has the ability to insulate you from the cold ground, protect your pad (if using one) and provide a great place to store your gear. When I was new to backpacking I thought all of these benefits were worthwhile but since then I’ve come to find that they are not needed thanks mostly in part to my Thermarest NeoAir : 3/4 length. With it providing me with so much insulation under me there really isn’t any need for another sleeping insulation system or an area on which to set up camp that’s full of leaves and debris.

A green banana hammock is nothing more than a sheet of nylon that’s been sewn into the shape of a pocket with the bottom being open. It can be hung almost anywhere using just about anything you can find laying around, including trees but also rock faces, bear poles at shelters and pretty much any other type of hanging system where it can be tied on with paracord .

I have mine paired up with some standard parachute cord for hanging purposes…

At first I found them to be very unstable for sleeping in but have since overcome this issue by sewing two loops on each end so it has something to hang onto while I’m inside. This way it doesn’t move or sway all night long like it used to which leads me to believe that there is a bit of a learning curve when it comes to using a green banana hammock. It’s all what you’re used to I guess and because I was so use to sleeping on the ground, without any type of insulation under me, this took some time getting used to. Nowadays I sleep great!

As for an entryway, such as pictured above right (with mine being red), it provides ample room for two people inside but since you don’t need anything like that anyway why not just cut out the whole thing? This way you’re left with only the sides which weighs next to nothing and takes up even less space. While comfort may not be much improved by doing this (without sewing loops onto each end) I did find a benefit in keeping it intact. By not cutting out the whole entryway you increase the overall strength of the hammock which means your pack or other items can be hung from inside to protect them from rain and sheltering animals if necessary.

Rear view after removing that annoying front entry/exit way…

As for where I got my own green banana hammock, never fear, I don’t think it’s possible to make one without sewing skills so you’ll have to order one online . The good news is that they’re very cheap and lightweight! You can easily pick up a pair (that includes two 10 foot sections of paracord for hanging) and carry them in your pack until needed.

I know this isn’t for everyone and certainly won’t be appreciated by some (don’t they know we like to suffer?) but if you’re open to trying something new I think it’s a great way to get your feet wet when starting out on the trail.

I’m still laughing at all of those people that laughed at me back then!


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