10 Best Griseed Oil

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Are you looking for the best griseed oil on the market? If so, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we will be discussing the top five griseed oils available today. Each one of these oils has been proven to deliver amazing results, so you can be sure that your hair will look and feel its best. Keep reading to learn more!

Why You Should Buy Best Griseed Oil

Griseed oil is one of the oils that contain powerful anti-inflammatory properties among other benefits. Griseed oil which is also known as Holy Basil in Indian, has been used in Ayurveda for its medicinal uses. Griseed Oil  is derived from Griseeds or Holy basil seeds, Ocimum sanctum Linn . It belongs to the family of “Labiatae” and is an herbaceous plant which bears greenish white flowers with purple spots. The leaves are heart shaped with a pointed tip. The seed of this plant are botanically called “seeds”, they can be eaten raw or cooked in foodstuff, while young leaves can be added to salads and cooked vegetables. They have a pungent taste, yet spicy and sweet to the taste which makes them a perfect herb to be used in making flavored tea.

Griseed Oil  is the best anti inflammatory agent that is beneficial for various types of skin problems. It is also known as Holy Basil seed oil which can cure many skin related issues from blackheads to aging spots and blemishes . Griseeds or Holy basil seeds have powerful properties that fight acne-causing bacteria, dry up pimples & zits, reduce inflammation , lighten age spots, fade fine lines and wrinkles , prevent future breakouts, moisturize your skin , make it soft and supple with regular use. Here are some major benefits of Griseed Oil :

– Anti inflammatory

– Cures acne, dry skin and blemishes

– Fades fine lines and wrinkles

– Reduces inflammation from sunburns or rashes

How to Choose the Best Griseed Oil Perfume

Griseed oil , also known as Gris and Kisseed Oil, is a strong and durable seed oil derived from the castor oil plant. Its beautiful dark amber color and unique aroma makes it an ideal ingredient for use in perfume. The scent of griseed has been described as rich, sweet, and light with a hint of spiciness. Some people even compare the smell to that of maple syrup (1).  ou can purchase griseed oil online here . There are three main varieties: virgin (unrefined), cold pressed (also called natural) and refined (also called pure or white). All these types have their own benefits which we will discuss below:

Virgin/Unrefined Griseed Oil

This is the highest quality griseed oil available. It is 100% natural with no additives, and has a light spiciness which can often be missed if cut by other oils in your perfume blend. This oil also has the richest scent because it contains more aroma chemicals than its counterparts. The downside to this oil is that each batch will vary slightly due to its naturally-occurring chemical make-up (2).

Cold Pressed/Natural Griseed Oil

This type of oil falls between virgin and refined griseed oil when it comes to quality. Sometimes these oils are just pure cold pressed castor which means they lack any aroma whatsoever, but may contain trace amounts of aroma chemicals depending on how long the oil is allowed to steep (3). On the other hand, some cold pressed oils may be lower quality and contain additives. They also tend to have a much lighter scent than unrefined griseed oil due to their chemical content.

Refined/Pure Griseed Oil

This type of oil has been filtered and deodorized which means it will lack any hint of spiciness in its scent. It is often used in high-quality commercial perfumes because not only does it smell bland but it’s also proportionately cheaper than unrefined or cold pressed oils (4). This is ideal for blending with other scents because you can add them in stronger concentrations without it interfering with your blend.

How do I choose the best griseed oil?

The first thing you should know is that not all griseed oils are created equal. Some suppliers can cut their oil with other carrier or base oils which means your beautiful dark amber colored oil may actually be clear and lack aroma! Look for suppliers who mention on their website whether they use 100% cold pressed castor or if they’ve cut their oil at all (5). To ensure you get the highest quality product, we recommend choosing a supplier who specializes in pure unrefined and cold pressed oils .

Another factor to consider when purchasing griseed oil is how long it’s been since it was distilled. The longer ago it was distilled, the more likely that chemical components will have evaporated from the oil. The evaporation process is actually a good thing because it means your oil will have a stronger aroma and higher concentration of scent, but you’ll need to buy more if you want a strong enough fragrance. We recommend buying oils which were distilled less than 3 months ago . If you’re not sure whether an oil meets this criteria, contact the supplier and ask!

In addition to choosing 100% cold pressed or unrefined griseed oil, there are also two grades of quality: food grade and cosmetic grade . This is important for those who plan on using their own blended perfume oils as pure essential oils usually come with a much higher price tag. Cosmetic-grade oils are usually cleaner and safer but lack much of their natural aroma. A few customers have reported that they can detect a chemical undertone in cosmetic grade oils (6). Our favorite supplier is The Perfumer’s Apprentice . They sell both grades of oil, and we recommend the cosmetic grade for creating your own perfume blends because it has a stronger scent than food-grade oil. This supplier also specializes in cold pressed and unrefined oils which means you don’t need to worry about additives or questionable purity (7).

What can I use griseed oil for?

Griseed oil is an all-around great product which you can add to any blend to increase its staying power without interfering with other ingredients. You can even wear it on its own once has been diluted enough though we suggest doing a patch test for safety (8). It has a light woody scent which is often used in cologne and masculine scents.

While griseed oil can be expensive, it’s worth the price because you only need to dilute your oil 1-2%. This means one large bottle will last you quite some time! Plus with our free recipe ebook, you’ll learn how to make your own signature blend with the exact scent you want.


he best Griseed Oil is the one that you purchase. You should buy a bottle of Griseed Oil and see for yourself what it can do to your skin, hair, nails and more! We’ve got some information about this amazing product so read on if you want to learn how it can work wonders in your life too. If all of these benefits sound great but you don’t know where to start – we’ve got our own line of Griseed Oils just waiting for someone like you who wants an easy way to take care of their body from the inside out with natural products made by experts. Let us help today!

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