10 Best Nitroid Tv Review

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Are you looking for a quality LED TV that doesn’t break the bank? Nitroid may be the brand for you. With models starting at just $200, Nitroid offers some of the best prices in the market. But don’t let the low price fool you – these TVs are loaded with features and deliver high-quality picture performance. In this review, we’ll take a closer look at one of Nitroid’s most popular models, the N48D. So read on to find out if Nitroid is right for you!

Why you should buy a Nitroid Tv Z

Hello ladies and gentlemen! As many of you have probably noticed, the 1-1-1 TvZ timing has been quite popular since its recent resurgence. In this article, I aim to provide a simple framework that will enable Zerg players to take on the dreaded 1-1-1 into biomech timings with ease. In order to keep things nice and simple, we’ll assume that Terran is using a factory opening.

MECH BASICS The current approach toward Mech in TvZ is one where Terran uses mech units to shore up their defenses while setting themselves up for a strong late game army. The goal here is rather than trying to outright win the game with a single push, Terran instead wants to out-muscle Zerg in the late game with a superior composition of high damage output units. This is relatively similar to Wings of Liberty Mech where mech players would rely heavily on their siege tanks, but with much less emphasis on the Raven’s Anti-Armor Missile and Seeker Missile combo. Siege Tanks are now protected by Hellbats which serve as both reliable meat shields for tanks and strong supplementary DPS against light units that try to counter attack hellions or harass hellbats. The primary unit that sets Mech apart from Marine/Tank builds is the Hellion Viking combination which allows Terran players to apply runbys very aggressively especially when Zerg tech switches off creep. Despite this small change, the core composition remains largely unchanged – Marines, Hellions , Thors, and Ghosts/Vikings.

TELEGRAMMING As with most Terran openings in TvZ, it would be optimal for you to send your first 2-4 hellions very aggressively on Zerg’s third base location. Then proceed to use pulse mode of your hellions to scout around the map looking for an easy third base. If he hasn’t taken a third yet, kill creep tumors starting from his furthest expansion inward while moving toward the watch towers or any bases that are barely touching creep or are otherwise out of place in order to reduce the area you need to controle when producing more units later on. The reason this is important is because it gives you early warning against potential all across the map which reduces the amount of units he can produce with his larvae and queens during the crucial 10 minute-ish timing window before mech kicks in. If you do not want to be aggressive on hellions, then feel free to drone scout instead and check for Zerg’s third base location before sending your initial hellions south. This slight adjustment will help you get more information on what type of compositions Zerg is doing while simultaneously reducing the risk of getting caught off guard by a quick all in or counter attack from Zerg later so that you can get right into tank production.

TRANSITIONS The next step after sending hellions across the map is to cut hellion production around 30 so that you can start making tanks out of your factory ASAP. You’ll want to use the initial hellion harassment to scout what type of units Zerg is producing so that you can adjust your unit composition accordingly. Against Ling compositions, feel free to continue making hellions up until four bases are being saturated before moving back into tanks again (keeping the hellions in transit around the map for sneak attacks on creep tumors). The specific time frame you want to be switching back into tanks depends largely on the speed of Zerg’s Hive which varies greatly between Korean and foreign Zerg players; but I would ballpark it somewhere between 8-10 minutes or whenever he starts morphing his Greater Spire. Make sure to keep at least 1-2 hellions alive for this timing window as they make great scouts during late game TvZ engagements.

TRANSFER TO SECOND ARMY LANE After you have switched into tank production, your next step is to push out with about six-eight tanks depending on the map size, along with some accompanying hellions for support. This timing push should hit before Zerg gets Brood Lords out which makes it a very effective pressure that requires Zerg to constantly sacrifice creep in order for him to defend – making his late game much weaker when he eventually does get brood lords. It’s important to note that transitioning into mech at this time will allow you to play more aggressively and better seize map control even though hellion/tank/viking is not as good of a composition as Thors in direct engagements against Brood Lords. Don’t hesitate from taking extra bases behind your push as this will allow Terrans to be more active on the map and apply even more pressure in order to force Zerg into engaging you instead of just sitting back and playing for the deathball with bile/frenzy/Broodling.

UPGRADES One crucial thing that often gets overlooked in TvZ is upgrading mech with +2/+1 armor at the same time that gas upgrades are being researched with Terran’s second 100 gas when they swap Starports onto their reactor addons. This makes thors significantly stronger than they already are against broodlings which can be quite strong in late game engagements, especially if Zerg has gone pure ling-broodlord without any infestors or banelings (the most common composition these days).

FINAL TIPS There are a few all ins that Zerg can still do even if they don’t get Brood Lords out in time which is why you will want to make sure to have some form of mobile detection with either cloaked banshees, ravens, or vikings. These mobile detectors also increase your ability to punish fast third bases from Zerg (you’ll need this map control in order to set up the forward 2nd factory). Finally, if you’re not comfortable playing mech then feel free to transition into marine/tank/medivac instead as I believe it’s much more reliable than pure bio when dealing with Infestors.

How to Choose the Best Nitroid Tv

It is practically impossible for us to get our hands on all the big TVs out there. These are really expensive and most of them are sold only by invitation or pre-bookings. But picking one like this is quite tough as the sellers keep many aspects in mind while designing these TVs. The market is flooded with several models today, be it LED/LCD/PLASMA /IPS etc., This makes it even more difficult for people living outside USA to choose their TV sets. So don’t worry! I am here to help you buy your dream Nitroid tv at its best price!

Today I have chosen to review the latest model of plasma TVs from Samsung. So here are some points for consideration while buying your next Plasma TV?

1) Which type of Plasma TV should be bought? Don’t worry, there is no big difference between the three types. They all work on similar principles but differ in their sizes mainly. A 42 inch TV would fall under “Mini” category whereas a 55 incher will be called ‘Medium’ size screen. However, with LED TVs getting more popular these days it’s better to go for that instead of Plasmas which are bulky and consume more power.

2) What about resolution? The resolution is an important factor while buying new TVs. It makes the image quality better and provides an amazing experience to the users. Resolution is usually mentioned in TV’s model name (ex: Samsung PN64E8000) like this Panasonic V10 series plasma tv which has a resolution of 768×1024 pixels or Samsung E550 Series with 1920×1080 pixels.

3) Display technology- For years, Samsung has been using Plasma display technology but they switched to LED for their new models like UE55C7000 etc. So it’s better to go for these newer LED TVs instead of getting stuck with outdated technologies.

4) Smart TV- Most of the latest TVs come with smart TV function that allow internet browsing over your TV sets itself without any hassle just by connecting a wireless keyboard or mouse. You can find these features in any TV costing less than $1,000.

5) Samsung makes some of the best TVs available today and its really difficult to choose between the many models they have out there. For a normal household use I would recommend going for UE48JU6000 or UE55JS8500 as both provides great value for their prices offering a vast range of connectivity options and smart functions. This makes it easier to stream movies from internet which can be directly played on your TV sets instead of spending extra bucks on consoles or blu-ray players which won’t even give you Full HD images quality!


We hope you found our Nitroid Tv Review helpful. If so, we would love to hear from you! Please leave a comment below and let us know what your thoughts were on the latest announcement of the new 4K UHD TV from Nitoid. You can also find many more reviews about various other products on this site as well as advice for how to make some smart purchases in today’s digital world. Thank you again for reading and have a great day!

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