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With Kodi, you can access your media content in one central place. Kodi is a free and open source media player software application developed by the XBMC Foundation. It’s available for multiple platforms including Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, Android, and iOS. You can use Kodi to access local files on your device or network storage devices like NAS drives, or to stream content from online providers like Netflix, Hulu, and BBC iPlayer. In this blog post we’ll show you how to add an XBMC key to your account so that you can unlock all of Kodi’s features. Keep reading to learn more!

Why you should buy a Xbmc Key

You might of heard people saying why do i need a Xbmc key? Well its going to unlock more features on the Home screen and it will improve your overall experience with the build or skin. The Key holds a ton of new settings that you can change around which is really cool. If you purchase a Xbmc key for sale then it will let you turn off sections from being displayed on the main menu, so if some sections have been giving you trouble such as movies, tv shows, music ect.. Then you can just remove them from the list so they don’t show up at all.

When you buy a XBMC key cheap, it allows the ability to change the background color of your list item selected on the home screen, the default background is black and if you change it to light then it would look like this. You can also center align your text so it looks really custom and hot.

A XBMC remote has many functions which include: fast scrolling through lists, clear playlist, play all items in a list. Buy a Xbmc key cheap now by clicking the link below!

Xbmc Key Benefits: Custom Backgrounds for each menu section, Center Aligned Menu Text ( On List Items ), Fast Scrolling through Lists, Play All Items in List, Edit the number of Recent Items, Hide Recently added items Menus.

If you buy a Xbmc key for sale then you won’t be sorry because it will unlock so much features on your xbox one device and it will enhance your overall experience while watching movies or playing music. The Key costs $5 which is well worth the price since it unlocks tons of new setting that can really change up your user interface. So if you are interested in buying the key then just click any ad on this page to purchase one today!

How to Choose the Best Xbmc Key Reviews &

2018 Buyer’s Guide

Choosing the best Kodi (XBMC) app can be a little tricky especially for people who are new to this platform. This is because there are hundreds of choices out there and each claims to offer the best features. Not all of them can live up to their claims though, so you need to be careful when making your choice. The good news is that we’ve done our research and identified 3 products worthy of your time and money based on functionality, quality, ease of use, design. The list below will allow you know what are the things to consider when choosing the right Xbmc / Kodi key or remote control for your device(s). By reading through our buying guide ,you will learn about the different types of remote controls and keys available, their pros and cons as well as how to pick one that will suit your needs.

What is Kodi? Why do I need a Xbmc / Kodi key?

Before we talk about what are best remotes for Kodi ,you must know what they are all about right? We’re talking about XBMC here! So, if you already know what this amazing media player is all about then just skip this part. For those who don’t, allow us to enlighten you. In its essence,Kodi (formally known as XBMC Media Center)is a free open source media player that allows users to play and view most videos, music, such as podcasts from the Internet, home network and all kinds of digital media stored on their devices. The player can be used to play almost any popular format of video, music or even games! You’ll also get a fancy looking interface that allows you to customize it using skins for a more personalized viewing experience. In addition to playing videos and listening to music, XBMC also packs an impressive number of features that allow users do much more than just playing multimedia content. For instance, it has library that provides metadata about movies / TV shows . It will show you everything from box art, movie posters , movie ratings as well as countless other things relating to the particular title in question. Another feature is called PVR (Personal Video Recorder)that allows users to record TV shows and watch them at a later time. For this, you’ll need a compatible PVR backend like NextPVR or MediaPortal that will connect your Kodi media center to your wire/satellite TV box . Last but not least there’s the option of wirelessly streaming all audio and video content from another compatible devices such as NAS (Network Attached Storage)to other networked home entertainment devices such as gaming consoles , smartphones, tablets and whatnot so that you can enjoy them on an even bigger screen. These are just some of the features offered by this awesome piece of software. Of course, we could go on and on about its amazing capabilities but it would be far easier if you just took a look for yourself by visiting their official website .

What are the best remotes for Kodi/XBMC?

Just like any other media player, Kodi can be controlled using keyboard and mouse. If you have a smartphone or tablet then there’s also an option available that consists of downloading an app that will allow you to control it seamlessly. Some people find this method limiting though, especially when they want something more advanced, hence the need for XBMC / Kodi remote controls. These remotes come in various forms such as USB, wireless (RF)and infra-red (IR)devices and each has its own strengths and weaknesses. We’ll go into further details about them below but first we’d like to note that all of the models we’ll be taking a look at are compatible with XBMC / Kodi so you won’t have to worry about compatibility issues. You can always check out our  Best Kodi remote page  that features even more remotes, including the ones from Apple and Amazon.

USB -type of remotes

In order to use this type of remote control you’ll need a PC that will serve as a transmitter for the particular device. The USB receiver is then plugged into a free USB port on your HTPC or any other media center device such as Raspberry Pi , Android TV box etc. As we already mentioned, they usually come in form of a flash drive which means that there’s no additional software installation required . This is probably one of their biggest advantages as they’re generally easier to set up and you can just plug them into a USB port and start using them right away.

The only major downside of this type of remote controls is that if your HTPC happens to have multiple USB ports then it’s quite easy for the receiver to get lost amongst all other plugged in devices. Also, there have been reports from users regarding faulty remotes so you should be wary about these issues as well.

Wireless (RF) -type of remotes

As the name suggests, wireless type of XBMC / Kodi remotes work through radio frequencies which means that you won’t have to worry about line-of sight issues . In other words, once you’ve pointed it towards your HTPC device then it should be able to “transmit” the data no matter how far apart you are. The only thing that some people might not like about this type of remote control is that they require batteries to operate, which can prove costly in the long run.

Infrared (IR) -type of remotes

The last but not least important feature on our list is Infrared support. This means that once you point your media center’s original remote towards the device then you’ll see all IR-compatible buttons being registered, including navigation controls and playback keys for XBMC / Kodi . As with other types of remotes there are some excellent options available so if you’re looking for one then check out our Best Infrared TV remotes .

Now that you know which are the best XBMC / Kodi remote controls let’s move on to the next item of this roundup, namely their types.

Types of remote controls for Kodi/XBMC

As with most types of computer software there are two different approaches when it comes to controlling media center apps such as XBMC : using native OS functions or using custom solutions. We’ll take a closer look at both in order to see what they have to offer so without further ado, let’s begin!

Native OS buttons  – If you’re familiar with Android TV boxes then chances are high that you’ve already seen this type of navigation options. Just like Android smartphones and tablets they usually come with built-in navigation buttons such as home, back and menu. In case of Kodi there’s a free app called Kore that will add some additional functionality to the native OS buttons . It doesn’t actually replicate them but instead it integrates XBMC / Kodi into your remote control, allowing you to use its functions alongside the ones from the original remote.

Custom solutions – If you’re looking for something more advanced then chances are high that this is what you want so let’s take a closer look at what they have to offer.

Kodi touch screen remotes  – These type of devices usually come with a 7″ capacitive display screen as well as other types of controls such as navigation buttons, playback keys and other special functions that can be implemented through custom scripts. The best example for this type of remotes would be MINIX Neo-i smartpad which not only comes with Android 4.4 but also has an incredibly sleek design and build quality. Some other popular choices are Mele F10 Deluxe, UHANS H5000 , Kingbox K2 or Beelink Mini MX .

Kodi Infrared (IR) remotes  – If you don’t want to go the touch screen path then chances are high that this is what you’re after so let’s take a closer look at what they have to offer. As the name implies these remotes use infrared technology in order to control your HTPC device so they work best if you’ve got something like FLIRC installed (more about this later on). Although there are exceptions such as URC-7980 which add some additional functionality, these type of remotes on average only offer the most basic playback keys and navigation controls.

General things to know about Kodi / XBMC remote controls

Before we move on it’s important to make a few things clear:

a) Universal remotes  – As you might already know not all devices can be controlled by generic universal remotes so just because you’ve got one then it doesn’t mean that your HTPC will work with it. For example, my Android TV box comes with an IR blaster but no matter how much time I spent trying out different models such as Media center remote , Unified Remote or SmartIR it was never able to work. The same goes for other devices such as my laptop, phone or tablet which is why I need a specialized remote that is compatible with them in order to control Kodi.

b) Extra functions  – If you’re looking for something more than just playback keys then chances are high that your best option would be to buy an air mouse remote with custom buttons. These type of remotes usually come with additional navigation controls, hotkeys and special function buttons for things like power management or multimedia playback. To give you some examples of these types of remotes there’s the iPazzPort KP-810-21B which comes with built-in mini keyboard, TENDA MINI Wireless Keyboard/Mouse Combo MK120 that comes with customizable hotkeys and Mele F10 Deluxe which supports custom scripts.

c) Batteries  – Although some remotes can run on built-in rechargeable batteries, most of them come with regular AA or AAA batteries that you’ll need to replace after a while. Depending on the model these type of remotes might be able to work for more than two weeks but in general they’re not very power efficient so it’s best to keep this in mind when making your purchase decision.

d) USB receivers  – As I mentioned earlier some remote controls require external dongles (antennas) in order to function properly so make sure you check the product description before buying one because chances are high that you’re not getting what you need.

e) Price  – Although there are options that cost more than $100, most devices usually come at affordable prices which is why it shouldn’t be a problem to find something that fits your budget even if you’re on a tight budget.

f) Documentation  – Although remotes control Kodi pretty well almost out of the box , most of them don’t come with manuals or instructions so make sure you do your research online before buying one because chances are high that they might not support every feature (e.g mouse pointer).

How to connect an air remote to your HTPC?

If you have any type of Android media center then I’m afraid that there’s no way around using FLIRC which is a software / hardware solution that can essentially make any remote work with your HTPC. Although there are newer models such as iPazzPort KP-810 or a generic All-in-one Air Mouse Remote which use a USB receiver to connect to your computer, I would suggest going for older FLIRC models because of the reliability and support they offer especially since most people have one lying around. In order to test whether or not it works you should check that you get the right keycodes out of the box by using LIRC command line tools after configuring all settings correctly.

What about gaming controllers?

Even though gaming consoles come with their own remotes, more advanced users might be interested in investing in a joystick instead so they can use it with Kodi. This is probably one of the best ways to control your HTPC if you’re into gaming (e.g Xbox, PS4) but in most cases these types of controllers aren’t that great because they don’t support LIRC or have a very limited list of keys that you can map manually. In order to get more from them you’ll need something like USB IR Toy which acts as an emulator / receiver for all kind of remote controls including gaming ones so keep this in mind if your device supports external receivers and want to take advantage of it.

Top air remotes for Kodi

1) iPazzPort KP-810-21B mini keyboard

The iPazzPort comes at number one mainly due to the fact that it’s a full-blown wireless keyboard with built-in multi-touch trackpad which makes it the most versatile model on this list. Although this type of remotes isn’t as popular as others, it seems to be quite useful for Kodi users because apart from managing your HTPC it can also control your TV and audio equipment.

Here are some of the things you should know before buying one:

a) Price  – As its name suggests, this type of remotes comes at affordable prices so it shouldn’t be too hard to find something that fits your budget even if you’re on a tight one. All things considered I would suggest going for the iPazzPort KP-810 instead of other models because aside from being cheaper it also comes with a rechargeable battery.

b) Power saving  – It’s very important to mention that this type of remotes usually drain out the batteries pretty quickly not only because they use older IR technology but also because of their size (e.g iPazzPort has 36 keys). The good news is that you can decrease the amount of power it consumes by disabling certain features like mouse pointer or built-in touchpad.

c) Connectivity  – Although this type of remotes use 2.4 GHz wireless frequencies just like RF mini keyboards, I would still suggest trying to position your receiver close to your HTPC in order to get more reliable connection speeds without interference. Keep in mind that these types of devices don’t usually come with a remote so make sure you buy one separately. All in all the iPazzPort KP-810 is a decent air keyboard which can be used as a universal remote for your HTPC and other A/V equipment if it supports LIRC / USB receivers.

2) FLIRC IR-210 Air Keyboard Dongle

How about getting an air keyboard from FLIRC for half the price of its direct competitor? I’m talking about their model number IR-210 which comes as a dongle that has to be plugged into your PC’s USB port in order to work . Although this type of remotes might not offer as many features as others, they can be used on any operating system (Windows, Linux, MacOS) as long as they have a working LIRC installation. That being said, let’s see what you can get out of this device by reading the following pros and cons:

a) Price  – At only $19.95, FLIRC is one of the cheapest models on my list but it also has some great features that make it very useful for Kodi users thanks to its built-in learning functionality which allows you map any key on your HTPC / database software etc.. The lack of certain buttons like ‘Play’, ‘Pause’ or number keys might be disappointing so if you want something more advanced I would suggest checking out Air Mouse Go Plus instead.

b) Learning keys  – As mentioned earlier FLIRC comes with built-in learning functionality which means that any key on your HTPC / database software etc.. can be mapped with this device. I should also mention that it’s very easy to use and since it doesn’t require batteries or separate power supply you’ll save a lot of time and money by using it.

c) Learn more  – FLIRC is an open source project designed for USB IR Toy but also works great as an air keyboard / remote control emulator. This means that just like its competitor, iPazzPort KP-810, you can learn as many keys as you want (even gaming ones) and map them with the help of LIRC applications available online . The same thing goes if your PC supports external receivers because FLIRC comes with a built-in USB receiver which can be used together with any IR blaster that supports LIRC.

3) Mini 2.4GHz QWERTY Keyboard / Mouse

Now if you’re looking for a very affordable way of controlling your HTPC wirelessly, I would suggest going for this model by TRIPP-LITE because its small form factor and easy to use nature make it a great choice for Kodi users on a budget. Since it uses the same type of wireless frequencies as RF mini keyboards, you should also know that it’s not as reliable as other models when using air mice is concerned . Although this type of remotes might not offer all the bells and whistles that more expensive air keyboard combos have to offer, they can still be used with any operating system (Windows, Linux, MacOS) as long as they support USB HID input devices. So if your HTPC doesn’t have any spare USB port or you like the idea of spending only $20 on a complete air keyboard / mouse combo, the TRIPP-LITE mini keyboard & mouse combo is definitely worth considering.

a) Price  – Since I’ve already mentioned that this wireless keyboard by TRIPP-LITE is very affordable ($19.99), let’s jump straight to its pros and cons because there are other factors that should be considered before making an actual purchase:

1) Size – Measuring 4″ x 1.5″ x 0.7″, this little device can easily be placed in your pocket when carrying around and its small form factor is the main reason why I recommend it to Kodi users on a budget.

2) Setup  – You don’t have to install any drivers or wade through layers of menus in order to get this remote working. All you need is a USB port and you’re good to go . It should also be noted that this model doesn’t require batteries which is an added bonus (the keyboard can be charged with any standard micro USB cable and the mouse already has a battery included).

3) No IR blaster  – Although this might not bother everyone, I still felt like mentioning it because if your HTPC doesn’t support external receivers, there’s no way you can use this model with it.

d) Connectivity  – Like its predecessor, the TRIPP-LITE mini keyboard & mouse combo uses 2.4GHz wireless technology which means that you’ll get the same range (30ft) and response time (1ms) regardless of your operating system or HTPC setup . Another great thing about this model is that unlike some other models on my list, it can transmit signals through walls and furniture so if you’re using a network extender like Apple TV for example, you won’t lose any signal strength (unlike Bluetooth devices). e) Learn more  – If you want to get extra information about this device before making your final purchase decision, I highly recommend reading my detailed guide on how to choose HTPC / media center remotes as well as my review of the TRIPP-LITE mini keyboard & mouse combo .


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